Do you know in British Columbia, custom foot orthotics are not regulated. Anyone,
including those with no specialized training can be a provider for custom foot orthotics.

5 reasons you should consult with Dr. Albert Li first, before considering to get custom
foot orthotics:

  1. Dr. Li is a B.C. licensed podiatrist providing comprehensive treatment for all foot
    problems. Podiatrists are the most highly trained and regulated health care professionals who specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating foot and ankle related pain and disorders medically, surgically and biomechanically. After obtaining a 4-year doctoral degree in Podiatric Medicine at San Francisco, Dr. Li completed a 2-year surgical residency at the UBC & VGH hospitals, and an extra 1-year sports medicine fellowship at the Stanford University Hospital.

  2. Unlike some providers/ retailers, Dr. Li do not need to ask your family doctor for a prescription or for your diagnosis. Dr. Li will provide you with all the documents
    required by your extended health insurance to file a claim smoothly.

  3. Dr. Li uses non-weight bearing casting technique held in the optimal biomechanical position to create true 3D volumetric molds of your feet. Your personal biomechanical prescription will always be sent with the molds to the orthotics laboratory.

  4. Dr. Li only send foot molds to accredited laboratories which are members of the
    Prescription Foot Orthotics Laboratory Association (PFOLA), the world's most respected designation for orthotics production.

  5. You may not need orthotics after all. Orthotics are just one of the many modalities
    podiatrists use to treat foot pain. Dr. Li will always provide you with the latest treatment modalities. We will also provide your family doctor with a detailed consultation report promptly after your visit.